What We Do

A: Farmers/Agricultural Donors, Producers & Distributors

B: Grocery Chains, Retail & Purchased Food

C: Food Drives, USDA Commodities & Feeding America

D: Mobile Food Pantry

E: Kids Cafe

F: Summer Feeding

G: Senior Feeding

H: School Backpacks

I: School Pantries

J: Emergency Food Program

K: Farms to Families

L: Nonprofit Agency Partners

Youth Programs

Homeless Shelters

Senior Programs

Residential Treatment Centers

Food Pantries

Soup Kitchens

Women’s Shelters

There is a lot more to providing adequate hunger relief to all of Weld County than one might think. As a food bank we acquire, handle and distribute food through our direct service programs and partner agencies. We hold ourselves to a high standard of food safety to ensure that we treat our donations with the utmost care, and also to prevent bringing illness to those we serve. This requires thorough procedures and continual monitoring of ourselves and our agencies.

We can’t make all this happen without resources. Our truck fleet is constantly on the road picking up donations from farmers, retailers and other community partners. Members of our staff work diligently with businesses and individuals to convey the importance of financially supporting the food bank. Without the adequate storage space, including our coolers and freezer, we wouldn’t be able to store the amount of food we have, especially the fresh produce, dairy, meat and other perishable items. Most importantly, our operations are heavily dependent upon volunteer support in every area. All these pieces work together to make Weld Food Bank what it is.