HWY 34 RV’s Virtual Food Drive

This year in Weld County, 1 in 4 of our neighbors will access one of Weld Food Bank’s eight direct service programs or over 70 nonprofit agency partners. During the last year, the impact of inflation has caused the number of individuals seeking our help and that of our partners’ to increase by 36% since this time last year. The reasons differ as to why people need our help, but common themes quickly emerge: lost jobs, unexpected medical bills, and increased food costs.

You can help HWY 34 RV and Weld Food Bank make an impact in the lives of our hungry neighbors by donating to their Virtual Food Drive. It’s simple and easy. Add the items to your cart, hit the blue donate button and follow the steps to process your gift! Whatever you are able to give, know that every piece plays a part in the fight against hunger.

Your financial donation through this food drive will go towards the greatest need at the time, but we guarantee that every dollar will go towards ensuring our hungry neighbors receive the food they need! Prices per item are based on either a case or multiple case quantities.

If you would like to hold your own virtual food drive, please call Weston Edmunds at 970-356-2199 x320 or email him here.

The processing system for this virtual food drive works best on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome. It does NOT work on Internet Explorer.

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