Emergency Food Boxes

The Emergency Food Box program is a direct service operated out of our warehouse. The reason why an individual or family seeks our help varies from person to person. Regardless of why they come to us, we strive to serve them.


Emergency Food Boxes distributed last year


of households visited us for food boxes only one or two times

Weld Food Bank provides a box of basic food staples to qualified families or individuals in crisis. Recipients are determined by agency referral or intake evaluations by staff, and are eligible to come for a food box four times in a six month period. A licensed nutritionist designed the boxes to serve a family of four for 3 days. This shelf stable box is supplemented by donated perishable items.

Individuals who receive an Emergency Food Box will also receive perishable items from our Extra Room. On a typical day the room will contain fruits, vegetables, dairy, bakery goods and protein. Because the items are donated, the food that is available in the extra room varies from day to day.

For more information about the Emergency Food Box program, please contact us (970) 356-2199 x308. If you are in need of emergency food assistance, visit our resource page here or find assistance in your immediate area through our Find Food Near You map.