Help Save CSFP

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (Senior Feeding Program) is for seniors over 60 years of age. This important USDA program is at risk of having all its funding cut in 2019. We have started a petition on that you can sign and let Senator Cory Gardner, Senator Michael Bennet and Congressman Ken Buck know that this needs their attention.

CSFP losing its funding will affect more than just numbers. It will affect people right here in Weld County. One of our deliver drivers takes food to two households in Nunn every month. This small town of about 400 residents has no grocery store or even a gas station. Neither house have a functioning automobile or reliable transportation. Without the Senior Feeding Program all these nice people would be completely dependent on neighbors and family for access to any food. But in a small town with a declining population, the pool of available help continues to decrease as well. That is why this program is so important to ensure ALL our neighbors in need have proper help.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.